About Me

An Independent Blogger Living Life On Her Own Terms

Hi, my name is Olivia Smith and I’m an independent blogger. I made this blog to help you live the life that you are meant to – LIKE A BOSS!

After my college, I was struggling with jobs every now and then. Some was a bit decent pay and some were like…you know! Then I took one day off and thought that I’m not going to live my life with a job. I will be surviving my life. There is a huge difference between LIVING and SURVIVING every month on a fixed salary.

Then I began researching how to make money online and live my life on my OWN terms. I wanted to be my own boss. I always had and have this thought in my mind – Only I should be able to enjoy the┬áresults of my hard work and not my boss. Then I found strategies and ultimately got confused by the boatload of information available on the internet. Then I implemented some of the strategies and some were good and some were bad.

So, I made this blog to ease things for you.

In this blog, you will find reviews and recommendations of various products and services that will help you to start banking fat amounts every month, week, days (depends on your knowledge) and then enjoy your life doing other things you love. I will also give tips and tricks on how to make the most of your life doing other things while your online business makes passive money for you via auto-pilot.

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